Many businesses these days invest in standby generators and there is no denying that there are numerous benefits to doing so. However, generators aren’t just for commercial properties and lots of homeowners, as we become more and more reliant on electricity and technology, are also contemplating whether or not they should invest in a home standby generator. 

More often than not, the majority of power outages are unexpected and it is fair to say that they usually happen at the most inconvenient times. For this reason, home standby generators can also be considered essential and it isn’t just businesses that rely on these uninterruptible power sources to continue as normal. If you’re wondering whether you should invest in a home standby generator and whether you’ll actually get much use out of one, below are 3 common situations when you’d be glad you have a standby generator. 

1 – Faults within the National Grid 

The National Grid is a huge network that distributes electricity to all areas of Great Britain and, within the National Grid, there are many electricity distribution companies who will send the electricity from the grid to your home. The majority of the time, the grid will work as required but every now and then the National Grid will experience faults. 

Usually, these faults can be contained and won’t affect all distribution companies or areas of the country but, there is a chance that they can affect you. If there is a big fault with the National Grid then it can sometimes take some time to get everything back up and running again but, your home standby generator can keep you going until the faults are fixed. 

2 – Collisions with power lines 

No matter where you live, it is likely that numerous power lines are visible and these power lines play a critical role in getting power to the local properties. Whilst they are essential, they are one of the most vulnerable points of the National Grid system and unfortunately, collisions with these power lines cause frequent power outages and are impossible to predict.

There isn’t much that can be done to prevent collisions with power lines and they can happen in various ways. For example, vehicle collisions with utility poles, animals damaging power lines and tree branches coming into contact with power lines. All of these collisions can cause a sudden loss of power and a home standby generator will then be the backup you need. 

3 – Extreme weather conditions

Whilst we are lucky that here in the UK we usually have relatively mild weather conditions, even the weather we do experience can lead to blackouts and loss of power. Everything from lightning and strong winds through to storms and floods can cause problems with power lines which will then go on to affect your mains power supply. 

Just because the weather is bad outside, doesn’t mean that life comes to a standstill and you will still need to go about your daily business. Of course, whilst you may adapt your plans if the weather forecast is bad, you will still rely on electricity at some point. Having a home standby generator will mean that even in extreme weather conditions you will have power. 

4 – Investing in a home standby generator

It goes without saying that the 3 situations mentioned above are all incredibly common and they are all things that could happen at any time. When relying on electricity to go about your day-to-day life, there is no denying that it will be beneficial to have a home standby generator installed. You can then relax knowing that when faced with any of the situations that are mentioned above, not having mains powers won’t interrupt your day. 

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