From the moment that you clap eyes on top-of-the-range diesel powered generators, you will recognise that these are feats of engineering, and therefore need to be treated with respect. If you want your backup power supply to kick-in when you need it most, there are certain pieces of maintenance that cannot be ignored. Here at Generators Online, we have been selling commercial backup units for a number of years. As such, we are thrilled to be able to impart some words of wisdom as to how you can keep your generator in perfect working order

1. Routinely run it

If a generator is left idle for an extended period of time, you cannot expect it to remain the same quality as it was when it first left the manufacturing floor. That being said, a relatively simple way in which to preserve its condition is to start it up every once-in-a-while. This should subsequently ensure that the engine, as well as the other internal components, are firing on all cylinders. In the long-run, you will be thankful that you followed through with this rather straightforward task.

2. Keep your oil reserves high

Anyone that has owned a state-of-the-art diesel generator for more than a few months will appreciate that these units are prone to consuming oil at a rapid rate. If you allow your oil reserves to run low, it will not take long for problems to start arising. Not only should you order this crucial substance in large batches, but it could also be worthwhile to check your unit’s levels prior to running it. The last thing that you want is to embark on a large-scale project, only to discover that it needs topping-up.

3. Observe air filter quality

Whilst it is difficult to rank your generator’s components in terms of importance, it is fair to say that the air filter is deserving of a place near the top of the list. Without this, your generator will have to be without-access to a clean air supply. This, in turn, will drastically reduce its overall efficiency, which is not a scenario that you want to be faced with when you are also dealing with power loss. Those of you that use their generators for business, and wish for their electricity power supply to be reliable, should learn to consistently assess the air filter quality.

4. Empty excess fuel

For most of you, the main reason that you will have decided to invest in a generator is because you cannot rely on the mains power grid, and you are determined to ensure that you still have electricity in the case of a power outage. However, these will not occur on a regular basis, meaning that your generator could lie dormant for some time. Therefore, you would be well-served by draining excess diesel between uses – this will do-wonders for the supply lines that run in-and-out of your generator.

A Glimpse At Our Potential

If you adhere to the aforementioned tips and tricks, you should have no-trouble keeping your backup power solution up-and-running for the foreseeable future. There may come a time, however, when you come to the realisation that you need to invest in a brand-new backup diesel generator for commercial purposes. Perhaps your power system is somewhat outdated, and you think that a modern standby diesel generator would be better-suited to catering to your needs. Should this be the case, you need look no further for assistance than Generators Online. As our name suggests, we are a leading retailer in relation to commercial generators and power sources, and we stock some of the country’s most-prominent brands. To get the ball rolling with us, all that we ask of you is that you give our team a call on 08000 855944.