It goes without saying that the vast majority of companies these days rely on electricity to be able to work smoothly and effectively. Whilst people can usually trust that the mains power will get them through the day, unfortunately, sometimes this power will fail and you need to know that something else will step in. For this reason, many people consider installing a backup generator. 

When choosing a generator to install at their business premises, companies will often take to the internet to do their research. Of course, you can almost guarantee that you will come across a lot of false information when researching, some of which may even put you off investing altogether. In order to put people’s minds at ease, our team at Generators OnLine, have debunked the most common generator myths. 

Lots of generators are unreliable

Like any other item you may be considering investing in, you will always have a range of products on the market to choose from. It goes without saying that if you choose a cheap generator from an unqualified stockist or you use non-genuine parts when replacements are required then your generator is likely to be unreliable. 

Having said this, of course, generators are specifically designed to be reliable, so when you do everything right, there is no reason why they should let you down. Many properties, both commercial and domestic, benefit from their generator every year and more often than not they don’t have any issues at all. 

Generators are really noisy 

This is one of the most commonly heard rumours about generators. Of course, the way in which generators actually work will cause noise. The internal mechanics operate at an intensely fast speed which naturally produces a lot of noise. But, whilst this statement may have been true a few years ago, it isn’t the case anymore.

Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, manufacturers have been able to create innovative generators that are much quieter. Some manufacturers even have silent generators for sale, so you can guarantee that noise won’t be an issue. You can expect to hear a soft whirring sound rather than a loud motor sound. 

It is impossible to find a big enough generator

If you’re trying to power every single item in your commercial property with a generator then you may find this statement to be true. However, in reality, not everything needs to have full power or even be running at all during a mains power outage. You just need to be sensible about what you actually need to use. 

Of course, different commercial properties will have different needs, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to what size generator you need. Ideally, companies should consider what is essential to power during an outage and then find a generator that meets these needs. You will also be surprised just how powerful some generators can be. 

A good generator will be very expensive

There are so many different makes, models and sizes of generators on the market, you can get diesel, petrol and gas-powered generators too. The price range of these different generators will vary, as expected, but there is actually something available for all realistic budgets. You can even sometimes purchase good second-hand generators that are often less expensive. 

However, it is important to look at a generator as an investment. Whilst they have an upfront cost, in the long run they can actually go on to make your business money. Think about how much you lose during a mains power cut, simply being able to continue as normal thanks to your back up generator will mean that you’re making more profit than you would be without it. 

Investing in a generator

Now that you know the majority of bad things you read online about generators simply isn’t true, there is nothing to stop you investing. You can guarantee that you will thank yourself in the long run for ignoring the rumours and choosing to back up your property. Of course, like any other piece of machinery, as long as you look after your generator then there is no reason why you should experience any issues with it. 

If you would like to speak to a professional company about how to choose the best generator for your commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact Generators OnLine. We will happily assist you in this regard and we also have a huge range of generators in stock, so you can guarantee that we will be able to get something to you as soon as possible. You can rest assured that we will do all we can to back up your property in no time.