If this is your first foray into the field of diesel generators, it may surprise you to learn that there are numerous high-end manufacturers from which to choose from. Unfortunately, this can make it rather tricky to come to a final decision, especially if you are unsure as to what your specific needs are. However, this is not a venture that you have to undergo alone. Below, you will find a list, courtesy of the specialists here at Generators Online, of some of the manufacturers that, time-and-again, have illustrated their top-tier nature.


Whilst this is certainly not the area of expertise that they are usually associated with, Hyundai have slowly-but-surely become one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to backup generators. Typically, they look to try and target the portable market – if you are someone that enjoys out-of-bounds excursions, you will certainly be interested in the products that feature in their catalogue. It is true that, in comparison to some of the other names to feature on this list, they do not have as much in the way of traditional experience. That being said, their backup power supplies are a great option for anyone working on a tight budget.


Pramac is undoubtedly a name that you are familiar with, particularly if you have a vested interest in the world of motorsports. Having played an active role in MotoGP for a number of years, this is a brand that carries an air of prestige about it, and rightfully so. In terms of the physical products that they supply, they too prefer to stay focussed on portable generators. If you were to buy one of their products, you would have access to a lightweight unit which can remain active for a surprisingly long period of time.


An acronym for Constant Power Solutions, CPS is a firm which is based in the UK, and is well-established as one of the finest suppliers of inverter generators. Their prowess has ensured that their products have gone global, which demonstrates the first-class nature of their units. When you take a glimpse at their collection, it will not take long for you to realise that regardless of the industry that you are in, they will easily-and-efficiently be able to cater to your needs, such is the diverse nature of their options.


Sometimes referred to as KOHLER-SDMO, this is a company which has made a name for itself by producing wonderful feats of engineering that can easily handle the requirements of construction sites. No matter how many heavy-duty power tools you possess, their products will have no-trouble in keeping them running throughout their day. Despite the fact that their units are typically on the more-expensive side of things, they continue to make large quantities of sales – this can be attributed to the reliability that they are renowned for.

How Can We Assist You?

As you can see, when you are looking for a portable power generator there is an abundance of options available to you. In truth, it can sometimes prove to be relatively difficult to determine which manufacturer is best-suited to your particular circumstances. Therefore, it could be worthwhile enlisting the help of a third-party that understands this industry – they will be able to guide you through the different choices, and what positives they can bring. 

In this regard, you need look no further than Generators Online. As a retailer, we have helped thousands of clients decide upon the perfect generator. If you would like our opinion on the matter, feel free to either write to us at info@gensonline.co.uk, or give us a call on 08000 855 944.