Lots of people purchase portable power generators for numerous different reasons. For example, they are often used by contractors when working on building sites, caterers to power stools at food markets and families when going camping, they really are multi-purpose and able to meet a wide variety of needs. Essentially, whenever you need power but you’re unable to connect to the mains power, a portable generator is the perfect solution. 

Of course, it is important to note that just because these portable power stations are incredibly convenient and easy to use, doesn’t mean that they can’t be dangerous. If they’re used carelessly, portable power generators can cause fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and even electrocution. For this reason, whenever you’re using any portable power supply you should bear in mind the following basic health and safety tips. 

Never use your Generator in an Enclosed Space

No matter where you are and what your reason may be for needing a portable power generator, you should never use it in an enclosed space. Whether this is a home, garage, shed, tent or any other enclosed or even partially-enclosed area, using your generator inside can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. There is no compromise in this regard, you simply shouldn’t do it. 

Always keep your Generator dry 

It goes without saying that water and electricity don’t mix well and for this reason, you should ensure that you always keep your portable power generator dry. Make sure you’re putting the generator on a dry surface and keeping it out of the rain. Also, don’t forget to dry your hands before turning your generator on or off too. 

Use the Correct Cables and Extension Cords

More often than not, portable generator users will need to use cables and extension cords to connect their appliances to the generator. When doing so, it is essential that you ensure you’re using heavy-duty, outdoor-rated cables and that they are able to handle the required load. Of course, the cables should be in good condition too, never use a damaged extension cord.

Ensure your Cables aren’t Trip Hazards

It is worthwhile noting that if carelessly placed, your generator and the cables or extension cords can become a trip hazard too. Tripping over these will be undeniably hazardous to health and it may also damage your portable power generator and any connected appliances too. When setting up your generator, bear this in mind and be sensible with your placement. 

Be Careful when Refuelling and clear up any Spillages 

Whenever you refuel your portable generator, not only do you need to ensure that the unit is cold but, you also need to be careful and avoid spillages if possible. If you do spill any fuel, it is essential that you ensure you clear it up as soon as possible, otherwise you run the risk of this fuel catching fire. Even small spillages can cause big health and safety issues. 

Sensibly Store any Backup Fuel 

Depending on your usage, it is likely that you’ll need spare fuel for your generator and you need to make sure that you’re storing this fuel in the correct way. As you may expect, it should be kept away from living areas and in the correct safety containers that are properly sealed. This is so important, just because the fuel isn’t in your generator yet doesn’t mean it isn’t a risk. 

Using a Portable Power Generator Safely 

All in all, it goes without saying that the majority of the tips mentioned above really are just common sense and thankfully, it is easy to ensure that you, your family and anyone else in the local area is safe when you’re using a portable power generator. Simply being careful and taking your time whenever you set up and use your generator will help you to prevent any accidents from happening. 

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