Many people tend to have generators installed ‘just in case’ and often, they won’t need to use them for months on end. Whether it is a business premise or a residential property, having this off-grid generator is a safety blanket and it is essential that you take good care of it so whenever the mains power fails, you have something that is able to step in. 

If you’ve just invested in a new off-grid generator or you haven’t needed your old one for a while and you would like to ensure that you’re using it correctly, keep reading today. Our team here at Generators Online have put together a list of important do’s and don’ts when using a generator, all of which can help you to prevent causing damage to this essential uninterruptible power source. Of course, this brief guide can also help avoid injury or loss of life too, so all generator owners should ensure they know everything mentioned below.  

Do’s of using an off-grid generator 

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines 

This goes without saying really but, it is often overlooked, especially if you’re quickly trying to get the power back on. Make sure that you’re following any directions and instructions written by the manufacturer, this way you can ensure that you’re using the off-grid generator in the way the manufacturer intended. Remember, you can refer back to these whenever you need to. 

  • Check that all extension cords are in good condition

It is so important to ensure any extension cords are kept in good condition and before turning on your off-grid generator, you should check that all cords connected to the generator aren’t visibly damaged. A faulty extension cord can lead to fire or an electric shock, so check carefully for things such as frayed cords, cuts and tears.

  • Make sure you have enough fuel 

No matter what fuel your off-grid generator is powered by, you need to ensure that you have enough to power it for the time you require. It is beneficial to store extra fuel on-site for your generator so you can keep it topped up and ready to be used. You do need to ensure you’re storing the fuel safely though and that you’re topping up correctly too. So, look into this further. 

Don’ts of using an off-grid generator 

  • Turn it on too close to your property 

It is essential that you ensure your generator is kept far enough away from your business property or your home and you shouldn’t turn it on until it is at a safe distance. A general rule is that an off-grid generator should be kept thirty feet away from any inhabited structures. If you’re wondering why this is important, it is to help avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. 

  • Attempt to use it in wet conditions

This may seem strange, especially if you’re using your off-grid generator because the mains power is affected by a storm but, it is very important. Try to ensure that wherever you store your generator, it is covered and protected from the weather. As you probably know, water and electricity don’t mix well, as well as damaging the generator, it can lead to electrocution so, be very careful in this regard. 

  • Plug it directly into an electric socket 

You may have heard the term ‘backfeeding’ and this is something that can be incredibly dangerous so needs to be avoided. If you plug your off-grid generator directly into an electric socket, it can not only harm you and others nearby but it can also damage your property as well as the generator. 

Investing in and using an off-grid generator 

Hopefully, you will now be able to use your off-grid generator for the first time confidently and you will know exactly what you should do in the event of a mains power outage. You shouldn’t be afraid to use your generator for the first time, just remember to be cautious when you do so, the same way you would be when using any other new piece of electrical equipment or machinery for the first time. 

If you’re interested in investing in a new off-grid generator, please visit the Generators Online website. Not only do we supply a vast range of generators but, we also offer additional services that may be beneficial to you too. From service contracts to fuel services, our experienced team is able to help you to ensure that your off-grid generator is always in good working order and ready to be used whenever the mains power fails.