Too frequently we forgot to ensure that our home standby generator will simply run to perfection without any issues, at which point you will begin a search for a new standby generator for sale to replace the last. However, this can easily be avoided by simply carrying out regular maintenance when required, but are there any other advantages? 

You never know when you will need it

At the end of the day, you never know when you might need your home standby generator, meaning if you suddenly have a power outage, you won’t have the peace of mind that all of your power requirements will be fulfilled. By regularly maintaining each part of the backup generator, you can rest assured that it will perform when needed to produce the power required for your home. 

It will pay off in the long run

Well-maintained generator systems are known to last anywhere between 10,000 to 30,000 hours of usage, but this is significantly reduced without the correct maintenance. For those that are required to repeatedly use their home backup generator without carrying out the appropriate maintenance, you are far likely to damage the generator in the long term – which will result in higher costs going forward. This is because you will then have to purchase another standby generator for sale, which can simply be avoided by following standard maintenance tips. 

Prevent fuel problems

Without proper maintenance, standby generators can become even more vulnerable to fuel issues, with a few of the most popular examples including blocked fuel injectors and algae buildup. Not only may this see an increase in fuel to meet all of the generators fuel requirements, but long term, you may have to spend a notable amount of money to repair all of the fuel issues. 

Reduces the risks of long term damage

Briefly touched on previously, maintaining your home standby generator will also significantly reduce the risks of long term damage. Not all damage is visible from the exterior of the generator, but during maintenance checks, you will need to dismantle the standby generator to clean particular parts, at which point you will recognise any concerning aspects which may prevent long term damage. 

Higher performance rate

Like with almost any mechanical appliance, the performance will likely begin to decrease over time due to age, though this can easily be avoided with the suitable maintenance. This can then ensure more continuous operation, as well as a much higher performance rate compared to generators that haven’t been maintained. 

Health and safety

Above all else, without adequate maintenance and service, the standby power generator can also be considered as a health and safety risk. If vital components such as the fuel system or cooler fail to operate smoothly, the generator can then be considered as a health and safety risk and should be avoided at all costs. 

We have standby generators for sale

Whether you are looking for your first or replacement home standby generator, we are certain we can assist. Here at Generators OnLine, we have a wide collection of standby generators for sale that vary in power capacity, size and fuel, where our team are more than happy to recommend the most suitable generator solution for your specific requirements. 

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