You never know when a power cut might occur at your business, so why not be that extra prepared with the installation of a standby generator? However, if you are just starting the search for a generator to use, you will realise that there are several types of generators to choose from, with a difference in fuel, power quality and much more.

For those that are keen on purchasing a diesel generator, we have made your search a little bit easier by creating this guide, covering the 5 most important factors to consider before purchasing a diesel generator. 

What’s your budget?

Just like any other product online, diesel engine power generators vary in price depending on a range of factors. By knowing your budget before you begin your search for a reliable diesel generator, you will can then set parameters of the amount that you are willing to spend. That being said, before you even do this you will need to carry out sufficient research so that you can set a suitable budget that will fulfil all of your requirements, such as the factors we are including next. 

How much power do you require?

In the event of a power failure, your power source must provide enough reliable power to keep all of your vital equipment operating. All of your electrical applications will likely have a power requirement, meaning you should take time to make a list of all the powered applications and their power needs so that you have a suitable number to look for when looking at the diesel generator’s capacity. 

Is noise a factor for you?

Although diesel engine power generators are known for their high efficiency and power capacity, they aren’t necessarily the quietest options available. With that being said, several diesel generator sets are designed for reduced noise in mind, though the lower the power capabilities, the quieter it will be. 

Space and location

Linking back to the previous point, you will also need to consider where the diesel-fueled generator will be located at your premises. Keep in mind, the higher power capacity, the larger the generator will be, which will require more space to it to be stored in. The noise factor once again is an important consideration, as you may wish to place the diesel power generator in a sound-proof room so that the noise is suppressed as much as possible. 

Standby vs dedicated

One of the final things that you need to keep in mind is the purpose of the generator, for instance, whether or not it’s used as a standby generator or as a dedicated power supply. For those that aren’t aware, standby generators are used in the chances of a power cut, where they will provide emergency power until the regular power system has been restored. 

This differentiates compared to dedicated power generators, which are used as the primary power source for all of the businesses applications. Fortunately, most suppliers will make it clear of the purpose of each generator, or it will be indicated with the power capacity that is offered. 

Generators OnLine

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