To most people, generators are a type of product that is invested in by construction companies and large multinational corporations. They also believe that generators are incredibly expensive, and therefore you need to have limitless cash resources to make the purchase – this could not be further from the truth. Here at Generators Online, we are delighted to inform you that there are countless units that can be acquired for a paltry sum; you can learn more about these by continuing reading.

Hyundai – 1KW Generator

By far the most basic unit on this list, the 1KW Generator by Hyundai is a compact product – this does not, however, mean that it is useless. Far from it; this small technical marvel is one of the finest portable generators currently on the market, and it is not hard to see why. Its petrol power source means that it can be refuelled with ease. Created by a reliable manufacturer, you can be sure that this product will not let you down in times of need. In terms of specifications, this is a single-phase generator, meaning that it typically provides electricity to smaller applications.

Pramac – 8KVA Gas Generator

Should you be searching for a source of backup power that can easily be implemented into a domestic environment, you need look no further than the Pramac 8KVA Generator. When you are exploring the range of generators available, this will likely be one of the only products that features gas as its fuel source. The higher voltage capacity means that it is an excellent standby power solution for those homeowners wanting to take the necessary precautions in circumventing power cuts.

CPS – 9KVA Generator

As opposed to the units listed above, the CPS 9KVA Generator is designed for commercial usage, and this is demonstrated by the fact that it features a three-phase engine. For those of you that do not have a comprehensive understanding of diesel generators, this means that it can alternate between various levels of power outage. Should you be a small independent business that would like to have an easy-to-use backup power supply, this is the perfect option for you. It is worth noting that this unit is significantly cheaper than traditional industrial generators, and the price tag is a reflection of the relatively-low energy capacity.

Kohler-SDMO – 9KVA Generator

For those of you that have more intense and complex needs, the unit that you need to consider purchasing is the 9KVA Generator by Kohler-SDMO. What sets this generator apart from the other inverter generators described is the fact that this is a dual-purpose product. Not only can it act in a domestic capacity, but it can also be installed in commercial settings. This level of adaptability is not typical on the generator market, and demonstrates the technical prowess that this unit exhibits.

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