In the modern day, the majority of us rely on electricity so much, that our day-to-day life wouldn’t be possible without it. Whether you’re at home watching a film, in an office writing an email, or even in hospital undergoing surgery, it wouldn’t be possible without having some form of power. Since we are so reliant on electricity, many people are considering investing in standby and back-up power solutions to protect themselves from any potential losses due to a mains-fail.

Due to the huge power market, there are endless power generation options available to you. Whether you’re considering investing in a generator for your home or business property, it is important to choose a solution that is most suitable for your application. To help anyone currently browsing the market, we have put together a guide to the most popular different types of generators that you can get.

Portable generators

Portable generators are the most flexible type of generator. They are useful in a variety of applications and come in varying power configurations suitable for many different types of application. You can easily transport these generators between sites, making them perfect for domestic purposes such as camping or leisure purposes. They’re lightweight, quiet, and ideal for smaller power requirements. Click here for a portable generator at Generators OnLine!

Standby generators

Standby generators are typically used to automatically kick into action when the mains power goes down at a site. These generators tend to stay in one location and are ready to be used whenever required. They are great for numerous businesses for whom electricity is essential such as restaurants and hospitals, but they are also very useful for residential apartments and hotels. Click here for a popular standby generator!

Industrial generators

Industrial generators are much larger than any other generator. They are more robust and are designed to perform under harsh conditions. Typically, these generators are customized to the user’s needs and can supply various amounts of power depending on what is required. Due to their size, they are usually kept at one site. Industrial generators can support many different sites, ranging from hospitals to large distribution centres, to data centres, they are critical to the consistent operations within many industries. Click here for an industrial generator at Generators OnLine!

Silent generators

Silent generators are quite self-explanatory. They don’t produce the loud noises that people usually associate with generators. They are designed to reduce the noise to no more than air conditioning units making them perfect for a site in which it is required to meet certain noise regulations. Silent generators tend to have a soundproof canopy which comes as a standard with the product. These canopies are typically weatherproof as well, making this the ideal product if you need to place your generator outside. If you’re looking for a silent generator, Generators OnLine supply a bespoke build to meet your specific noise requirements. Contact us here for more information.

Different fuel types

The different generators mentioned above will often be fuelled by either petrol or diesel.

So, for example, you can get diesel generators or portable petrol generators.

  • Diesel

Diesel is the most commonly used fuel for generators. This is the least flammable of all the fuel sources meaning it is easier to store, this fuel type is normally preferred by commercial businesses since it is more efficient than other fuels.

  • Petrol

This is one of the most frequently chosen fuel types for smaller generator sets.

Choosing the best generator

Understanding more about each different type of generator will make it easier for you to choose which would be best for your application. If after reading this you still require assistance when it comes to choosing the best generator for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. Our experienced team are generator experts and can guide you through the process of finding your perfect-fit power generation equipment.  

Whether you want to buy a portable diesel generator or a standby gas generator you can trust that the generator you purchase from Generators OnLine will meet all of your power generation needs and provide you with the reliable power source that you require. So, why look elsewhere?