The market for generator power is an extremely competitive one, with countless manufacturers jostling for position as the leading firm. Some use price as a major selling point, whilst others prefer to let their technical capabilities do the talking. Unfortunately, for first-time buyers, it can sometimes be rather difficult to discern which model is going to be best suited for them. This is where the team here at Generators Online are able to provide an extremely helpful service. As a company which has years of experience in supplying generators, we have attained a comprehensive understanding of the market; if you would like to educate yourself on which manufacturers are best, feel free to continue reading.


When it comes to sourcing a manufacturer of portable generators which are not only efficient-and-effective at fulfilling their function, but are available for fantastically low prices, it is hard to overlook Hyundai as the optimal choice. Not only is their expertise within this industry second-to-none, but they have honed their process so as to create better units. A prime example of this is the Hyundai 1kW; although it is a petrol generator, you can be sure that it will proficiently fulfil your requirements, provided you are using it for leisure purposes. However, for something that can provide a bit more power, look no further than their 7.5kVA model.


For those individuals that are wanting to purchase a unit which has been manufactured in the UK, CPS certainly will not let you down. Having made a name for themselves as a firm notorious for their exceptionally high standards, their range of generators for sale are fantastic for usage in an industrial or commercial setting. The fact that these are fitted with diesel engines means that they are more reliable when used for prolonged periods of time. Were you to purchase the 9KVA A9PS, you can be sure that your power supply won’t be failing you in a hurry.


If you are looking for a firm which demonstrates prowess in fields other than sources of backup power, your search has come to an end – Pramac is the answer to all your problems. As a company which has experience in creating first-class racing mechanisms, they understand the need for reliability. This is a property which they imbue all their diesel generators with also, such as the 15KVA GBW15P. Whilst some may argue that the price is slightly high, what cannot be disputed is the sheer quality of the unit.


Were you to decide that you would like to purchase a product made by Kohler-SDMO, you would subsequently be getting your inverter generator from a firm which has been amassing experience in the field since 1966. This is not to mention the fact that they have attained the title of being one of the largest manufacturers of generators in the world. Their skillfulness is most evident in the 9KVA K9, a behemoth of a product that can easily take care of commercial operations.

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