Those who have already purchased a generator, be it petrol or diesel, will understand the level of investment that is required. As such, when you obtain your unit, you will hopefully recognise that you want to preserve it as best you can, so that it will continue to work far into the future. You will be pleased to hear that over the years, the team here at Generators Online have amassed a wealth of specialist knowledge regarding how to improve the longevity of a generator. If you are curious to find out what these are, why not continue your reading down below?

Don’t Ignore Maintenance Services

Whilst some may see it as a seemingly unnecessary expense, the truth of the matter is that regular services ensure that your generator is kept in perfect working order. Although an issue may not have made itself apparent to you, a service could prevent an unseen problem from getting worse. It is important to remember that compared to the costs involved in conducting repairs on intricate mechanisms and replacement parts, are much more than simply arranging a professional engineer to come and provide a thorough service.

Conduct Regular Load Bank Tests

For those of you that were previously unaware, load bank tests are designed to test the capacity of a diesel generator; in essence, it examines whether or not the unit is operating at full capacity. The importance of this is amplified greatly if you are someone that is using your generator as standby power for a large construction site, or industrial complex – due to the intense need for power, it is vital that you check whether it can handle the load. Relatively easy to complete, you will certainly be able to reap the rewards long-term should you take this precautionary step.

Have Fuel Polished

This is a particularly important step for those that are unsure about the purity of their fuel. Although you may not realise it, your diesel engine could be being systematically ruined due to dirt and debris in the fuel that you are consistently pouring in. Thankfully, there is an extremely easy fix to this, in the form of booking a specialist appointment to have your fuel polished. This will cleanse of any existing impurities, and ensure that your valuable power supply is operating at optimal levels for years to come.

Start It Regularly

To many, this would be a move described as common sense; however, there are countless individuals who, after purchasing a diesel generator, subsequently leave it sitting idle for months on end. Unfortunately, the knock-on effect of this is that when you are inevitably stricken down by a power cut, your backup supply will be gathering dust and not work as it should. If you want to prevent yourself from having a problem at a time when you most need efficiency, it is recommended that you start your generator up on a regular basis.

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