If you have spent any meaningful amount of time perusing through the backup generator market, you should, by now, have a solid understanding of the types of prices which come attached to standard systems. However, what you may not be aware of is the fact that, within the premium bracket of products, there are certain units which come with a higher price tag. In order to learn more about why these are deemed exclusive, we advise you read through the information below, provided by the team here at Generators Online.

AJ Power – 1170KVA Generator

Whilst, in comparison to the other generators on this list, the Power 9 Series may not offer the most in terms of power, it more than makes up for it in reliability. With a Mitsubishi-manufactured engine, power failures can be handled in a smooth-and-seamless manner. Typically found in business-related settings, this unit’s ability in relation to power generation is something to take note of. It will certainly not let you down in your time of need, and the fact that it utilises a three-phase design is something to take note of.

CPS – 1000KVA Generator

To those of you that would like to have the ability to keep power tools running on a regular basis, with no fears regarding a power cut, we suggest taking a closer look at the AC1000/S. With an outer-casing which is imbued with durability thanks to the galvanised steel which is utilised, you won’t need to worry about finding a replacement anytime in the near future. Not only this, but thanks to the built-in fuel tank, and external model won’t be appearing on your shopping list either.

AJ Power – 1400KVA Generator

As anyone that has spent a prolonged period of time operating in the power-generation industry can testify to, having a Perkins engine within the unit is a sure-fire way in which to guarantee reliability. It is for this reason that you should never discount the 46TWG2A as a viable option. Although perhaps not as technically powerful as the last entry on this list, this is a diesel generator which is certainly capable of catering to your needs. Regardless of whether you operate within the agricultural sector, or are simply a large retailer wanting a reputable backup solution, you will be left smiling when this unit arrives.

CPS – 1500KVA Generator

With the highest prime kVA rating on this list, the AP1500/S is a serious piece of engineering; simply by taking a quick glance at it, you can gauge the momentous power that it is capable of generating. Due to its sheer size, you would expect that this unit would be found in a more commercial or industrial setting, as opposed to a domestic property. If you are trying to find a source of standby power which can easily handle the requirements of, for example, an entire business centre, this is the product for you.

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