If you have spent any meaningful amount of time browsing through generator retailers in the UK, it will not have escaped your notice that there is an abundance from which to choose from. Narrowing down your options is not an easy task, as the majority of these will have forged strong relationships with high-end manufacturers. Therefore, here at Generators Online, we believe that the best thing to do is to look into the various other services that can be enjoyed; below, you can find some prominent examples that you should keep an eye out for. 


Regardless of whether you have opted to purchase a diesel or petrol generator, the likelihood is that you will lack both the skills and the equipment necessary to carry-out a smooth-and-seamless installation. If you attempt to do this ill-prepared, do not be surprised to find damage on your unit once this has been completed. The best way that you can avoid this is to enlist the help of a professional installation team; typically, these can be found at any self-respecting retailer, as they will appreciate the importance of this service.

Site Survey

Prior to pushing through with your purchase, it could be worthwhile soliciting the services of a site surveillance firm. This, in essence, will involve a thorough evaluation of your organisation, with the aim of concluding what size generator is best-suited to serving your needs. Rather than rushing into a rash order which, in the long-run, may prove to be insufficient to your requirements, you would be better-off being patient and taking advantage of this course of action. Further down the line, this can potentially have fantastic financial implications.

Fuel Capabilities

For those of you that are planning on utilising your diesel-engine generator on a regular basis, you will certainly have to accept the fact that you will be going through large-quantities of fuel. This subsequently means that you will want to forge a strong relationship with a fuel supplier, as this can save you a significant amount of hassle. Whilst it might not be the most lucrative service in the world, first-class retailers should be able to cater to the fuel requirements of their clients.


Although most of you will argue that this is the primary function of any generator retailer, and so it does not deserve to feature on this list, we believe it is worth exploring. If you are considering a particular company to fulfil your need for a supplementary power supply, it is vital that you assess the catalogue of products that they have at their disposal. Should the number of diesel generators be minimal, we strongly advise you to look elsewhere – this is a clear indication that their understanding of the generator power industry is lacking, especially in comparison to such established brands as Generators Online.

We’re Here To Help

As you can hopefully see from the list provided above, a retailer which aspires to be at the top of this particular industry cannot be content with simply stocking top-tier goods. Instead, they should be able to offer a diverse list of services. If you are someone that has been searching the Internet for generators for sale, but has yet to find a company that lives up to your expectations, you have come to the right place – Generators Online is here to help. 

When it comes to inverter generators, few can hope to match our expertise. If you were to take a moment to skim through our catalogue, it would not take long for you to realise that we are a leading authority in this field. We ask that if you require any further information about our options, you reach out to us by calling 08000 855 944.