As with anything in life, if you aren’t an expert in it then there is bound to be lots of words and terms thrown around that baffle you. This is most definitely the case when it comes to power generators. Whether you’re looking into investing in an industrial power generator or you have just had one installed then there is no denying that you may be slightly confused. 

As power generators become more advanced, so do the terms used in the industry, these terms are more technical and specific than ever before. Thankfully, Generators Online have simplified things for anyone in need. Below they have explained some of the most confusing and also frequently heard jargon. 

Standby generator

When you’re considering purchasing a generator for your business property you will more than likely be recommended a standby generator or a backup generator. These are essentially generators that are always at your property, they are used in times of emergencies when there is a sudden loss of power. They will come on automatically and restore power quickly.

Dual fuel system

Most generators are either powered by diesel or gas and you can purposefully choose which you would prefer. However, dual fuel systems are generators that can simultaneously operate on diesel and gas. You may hear these referred to as bi-fuel generators. 

Load bank 

To put it simply, a load bank is a machine that is used for test purposes to mimic the real load of a generator. A load bank test is often used to determine the generator’s capability to handle its electrical load.

Automatic transfer switch 

You will probably be advised to have an automatic transfer switch when you purchase an industrial generator. This switch is there to change your property from its usual power source to the generators power source. Of course, an automatic switch will do this by itself when a power failure occurs.

Generator set ratings

You may be asked what generator set rating you want when you’re either purchasing or hiring a generator. This is a system of rating generators so that you get the generator that is best suited for your intended purpose. If you don’t know this, don’t worry a professional will be able to help you figure it out. 

Fuel polishing

Fuel polishing is something you will be advised to do when you own a generator and it is part of your essential power generator maintenance. It is essentially a technical cleaning process used to make sure that the fuel in your generator is still good enough to use. 


This is a form of electrical current called alternating current. The current flowing in normal household electricity that comes from plug sockets is alternating current. You know a current is AC when the electric charge reverses direction of movement.


This is another form of electrical current called direct current. As you may now expect, this type of current is when the electric charge flows only in one direction. This is most frequently found in battery-powered objects.  


You will probably be asked what KW you want your generator to be when you’re searching for one. KW stands for kilo-watt and it is a unit used for power rating of electrical devices. In terms of generators, KW is the working power/actual power and tells you how much power actually powers your equipment and performs useful work.


If you’re not asked what KW you want your generator to be then you will probably will be. KVA stands for kilo-volt-ampere and is a term used for rating of an electrical circuit. When it comes to generators, KVA is the apparent power and it tells you the amount of power in use in a system. Unless the system is 100% efficient then only a portion of KVA is being used for useful work output.

Getting your head around the jargon 

Understanding the terms above will definitely make things easier when it comes to purchasing the right generator for your business property and also ensuring that you keep your generator in good condition. 

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