Previously, it was almost a tie between petrol and diesel generators, in regards to which was considered to be the more-popular. Each of them were unique in their own right, and could be deployed in a variety of locations to great-effect. That being said, in the past few years it has become clear that diesel generators have edged-ahead, and there are a number of reasons as to why this is the case. Here to offer a keener insight into the negative aspects of petrol generators, are the incredible Generators Online specialists.

Highly-Flammable Fuel

Before you make the case that the same point can be made about diesel, allow us to elaborate on why you should be wary of purchasing a generator that runs solely on petrol. As any expert will tell you, petrol is by-far the more-flammable type of fuel, and this can pose a major risk to you, particularly if you are planning on using your generator as a power source for extended periods of time. When you factor in the spark ignition system that is used, it is no-wonder that petrol generators are typically regarded as a more-dangerous option.

Expensive Running Costs

When you think about modern vehicles, and the fuels that they take, you will naturally assume that petrol cars are significantly cheaper to run than diesel models. At any fuel-station around the country, petrol is typically the cheaper of the two – however, this is not always the case when you are purchasing in large quantities. When you factor in the lack of efficiency that is available to you when you burn petrol, as opposed to when diesel is used, you will see that your expenses will be greatly increased. For a cost-effective solution, you will be better-off relying on a diesel generator in the long-term. 

Poor Running Time

Arguably one of the most-attractive selling points associated with diesel generators is that they can be left to run for hours-on-end, with no risk of malfunction. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for their petrol counterparts; when you increase the load, you subsequently suffer an increased risk of your standby generator developing a fault. If you have analysed your requirements, and think that you will routinely be wanting to make-use of a backup power supply, we strongly recommend that you opt for diesel.

A Look At Diesel Models

Now that we have spent some time elaborating on the downsides of purchasing a petrol generator, we feel that it is only right that we shed some light on the attractive features associated with diesel units. First-and-foremost, their shelf-life is far-superior to that of generators that are dependent on petrol. Not only this, but there is not much required from you in the way of maintenance. The knock-on effect of this is that once installed, you are free to take advantage of your fantastic generator.

How Can We Be Of Assistance? 

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