In the past few years, it is safe to say that generators have come on leaps-and-bounds. The manufaucting techniques that are used are certainly more fine-tuned, meaning that their overall quality is far-better than units that were released prior to the turn of the century. However, that is not to say that they are perfect. Whether you have purchased a diesel or petrol generator, there are certain problems that you need to be mindful of. Here to shed some light on the most-prominent of these, are the Generators Online experts.

Dead Battery

There will be some people reading this that are under the impression that if they allow their generator’s battery to die, the only way to resolve the issue is to invest in a replacement – this could not be further from the truth. Depending on the make and model, it could be possible to attach a trickle-charger to your unit. This, in essence, is designed to provide a slow stream of electricity to your generator, thereby preventing your battery from running out of charge.

Lack Of Fuel

Whilst you may argue that this is a problem that is incredibly easy to avoid, you would be surprised at the number of generator owners that overlook the need for regular refueling sessions. If you are working, for example, on a large-scale construction site, and have various power tools hooked-up to your generator, you can expect your unit to consume a significant amount of diesel day-in, day-out. If you do not act in a timely fashion and replace the fuel, you could cause serious harm to your generator’s internal mechanisms – we are sure that this is not a scenario that you would like to become reality.


When you consider the number of different liquids that are running through your generator at any one-time, it will quickly dawn on you that there is a strong chance that a leakage could occur. Whether this relates to your fuel or your coolant, you will undoubtedly agree that this type of problem needs to be dealt with efficiently-and-effectively. If you have the necessary expertise, there is nothing stopping you from conducting the repairs yourself. However, anyone that wants the results to be first-class might want to enlist the help of professionals.

Dirty Filters

In case you weren’t already aware, your generator’s air filter has a vital role to play in proceedings – without this operating at maximum capacity, you can expect to see a massive drop-off in regards to your generator’s power output. Furthermore, a dirty filter could have a negative impact on the lifespan of your unit. If you schedule a routine check of this every few months, you will be able to replace the filter as-and-when the situation calls for it, saving you a significant amount of money further down the line.

In Need Of Some Assistance?

Whilst some of the problems that have been listed above are ones that can be resolved, there are plenty of issues that could lead to you needing a replacement. Should this be the case, it is more-than likely that you will want to take some time to browse through the market, in order to locate a cheap generator for sale that is up to the task of fulfilling your requirements. Your new source of standby power will need to have a sufficiently-sized fuel tank, and provide an ample power supply. Thankfully, in Generators Online, you have a company that is more-than capable of exceeding your expectations. The collection of diesel generators and portable generators that we have put-together is second-to-none; to see for yourself what we have, we recommend dropping us an email at