Are you considering purchasing a backup generator for your business? Are you trying to determine whether or not it will be worth the investment? Then our team at Generators Online will be able to help you. We are committed to making sure that all of our customers have the right generators for their needs, helping to provide them with high-quality products and installation services that are second to none. 

To many, a backup generator might seem like a bit of an unnecessary novelty. You can draw power from the grid, so would a backup generator really make that much of a difference? The short answer is yes, backup generators offer a variety of different benefits that your business can rely on when the going gets tough. 

Here at Generators Online, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, bringing them the full potential of their generators, allowing them to really make the most of each working day. So if you’re looking for the reasons why your backup generators are so important, read on below.


Here in the UK, we don’t have extreme weather conditions but there are times when inclement weather can shut down the main power grid, particularly if you’re further away from built-up areas like cities and towns. This sort of weather-related power cut could be disastrous to your business, particularly if you work 24/7. The loss of business that results from a power cut could be catastrophic, and it’s best to avoid that in general by investing in a backup generator. These are designed to cut in while your main power grid is down, allowing you to keep working through any sort of weather conditions.


Modern generators are designed to react to the grid. If the National grid goes down for any reason, your backup generator will automatically cut in, continuing to supply critical power to your business. We really cannot emphasize how important this is, particularly if you work in something as critical as healthcare or as fast paced as manufacturing. Not only this but when the grid comes back online, backup generators are programmed to automatically shut themselves down so you won’t be by paying for two forms of energy. You don’t need to flip any switches or be in a particular place to get the generator going, which is convenient for your work, whatever industry you are in. 


Your generator will kick in when you’ve lost your main power source. Generators, which typically run off diesel or natural gas, have a high capacity and can keep running for days if necessary. Usually, your main power supply will be back by this point, but it can be reassuring to know that you have enough energy and power to last a good few days. Natural gas is usually piped directly into your generator, so will require no refuelling throughout its usage but a diesel generator will need to be refuelled, so you must keep a stock on hand in case of emergencies. Don’t worry though, no diesel can be stored for up to 12 months in a cool, dry place, so you won’t have to keep replacing it every month. 

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